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We are now stocking a range of high quality linen from Växbolin in Sweden. Grown and processed in Europe for their own production weaving it is also available for Hand Weavers. Suitable for use in both warp and weft or just one way with another fibre. There are endless uses for this beautiful yarn. This beautiful wet spun linen comes in a lovely range colours as well as natural. We are stocking 3 counts initially in the full colour range. There are a couple of differences in the colour range between the counts and the natural and half bleached singles cost us less so we pass on that saving to you.

Other counts are available to order, please get in touch if you would like more information on availability.  Woven linen produces beautiful cloth, and although it does require a little more attention in the warping and weaving process than most other fibres, the end result is well worth the effort. The following blog post gives suggestions both from the manufacturer and weavers on how to weave  linen to get the best results.


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