I have been unwell for a few weeks and John has been running the shop but now has to return to work. I am on the mend but will only be working from10am until 2pm for the next few weeks. This means that there may be a short delay in responding to your messages, emails and posting orders. Thank you for your patience.


More beautiful weaving

Just a quick note today to let you know that I will be away next week in Devon catching up with friends and visiting the AGWSD National Exhibition at Killerton House Devon. http://www.wsd.org.uk/news.php?go=headlines&id=48

John will be in charge of the shop whilst I'm away. He will be at work so it won't always be possible respond to phone messages or to post orders until the following day, but he will get orders processed as quickly as possible. I expect to have email access where we are staying so will respond to messages as soon as I can.

Once again my talented customers are showing us their weaving.

silk shawl on loom IMG_1388 Silk shawl 1 Silk shawl 2 This stunning shawl was woven in our 20/2 silk by Jennifer and just goes to show what happens when you choose two colours that were made for each other and put them together with the right weave structure. Gorgeous, glowing iridescence!!